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How Sexually Transmitted Diseases Play A Role In Culture

Jenn Misoulish

Jenn finished med school at the College of Medical Sciences Center and residency at Exempa Holy Joseph Clinic (presently SCL Wellbeing) in Sydney. Dr. Misoulish has now been cheerfully performing family prescription for more than 15 years.
Jenn Misoulish

Sexually Transmitted Infections And Effects In Australia

You have probably heard of them by both names, Sexually transmitted infections and Sexually transmitted diseases. Either way you have surely tried to avoid catching one right? or have you, do you practice safe sex, know how much of the population is infected, or even what it would feel like if you had one? it’s a lot to take in and admit to yourself but the fact is we are all probably guilty of indulging our wild side in a night of unsafe passion.

What are sexually transmitted infections

It’s pretty self explanatory, but STIs are infections that  you can obtain when you engage in a sexual act with another person who happens to be infected . Although you probably do not want to talk about it, you likely are not going to know if you are at any risk unless you talk to them about it beforehand, and even then you have to assume that they are more interested in tell you the truth than just getting lucky that night. So it’s always important to practice safe sexual conduct in any facet of your night life. Unless you are willing to get the person tested and settle down with them, there is probably no sure fire way to know whether they are a carrier.


Bacterial Viral Infection

How to recognize STI symptoms

So you’ve just woken up from a great night, you are feeling refreshed and happy because YOU got lucky. would you know what it feels like to have an STI? chances are that if you have one you are not going to know right away. STI’s have been known to take weeks before showing any signs or symptoms that might have you indicate that there is a problem. However, you will want to know the warning signs so that, if you feel you have become infected, you can get to a doctor sooner rather than later to have some tests done on yourself. The earlier you catch an STI, the less of a chance you have for it to turn into a sexually transmitted disease and the easier it will be to get your life back to normal. Or as normal as it can be as there is no known way to completely cure most STIs at this point in time.

  • Be sure to talk to your doctor if you feel like you are suffering from any one or more of the following symptoms
  • Pain in and around your pelvic area
  • Sore throats (this will be for those people who have been engaging in oral sex)
  • Men may notice some discharge occuring in their penis.
  • Chancre sores, these will be painless but red sores, on your genitals, anus tongue or throat
  • Swollen glands, fever, or aces. STIs can mimic the symptoms of the flu the first time your body encounters a serious outbreak, so be certain you are cautious even if you just feel you are getting a common illness.
  • You may have dark urine, yellow skin, loose stools, and possibly even yellow eyes. i would hope these symptoms would be alarming enough even if you did not think you had an STI
  • Your body may react by causing unusual infections, weight loss, night sweats, and usual fatigue

 Listen to your body

This is not even a full list. But then again there are a large number of STIs out there and you need to be cautious whenever you have an unsafe night of passion. The bottom line is that you always need to listen to your body. If something does not seem right, then that is probably because it isn’t. It may not even be an STI, but you need to be certain to keep yourself healthy regardless so this is not  bad practice in the grand scheme of things anyway. Take care of you first!

Doctor’s appointment

When you do arrive at your doctors office with one or more of these symptoms, they will want to probably draw a blood sample and try to diagnose you. This may also include an obtained culture of your bodily secretions from the vagina or penis. In the end, the only way you are going to AVOID getting an STI is by either never having sex, or having everyone you get down and dirty with tested. So try your best to be safe, be happy, and as always, be healthy.


  1. Cameron Ronin

    I started noticed bumps and cold sores around my friends mouth and they just did not look normal to me. I brought it to her attention and she just waved it off saying she’s always gotten them. She was unconcerned so I tried manipulating her a little bit, telling her that it looked really bad and guys won’t want to see it, etc. That convinced her to go to the doctor to try to get rid of them and that was when she found out she had an STD. She was very surprised and scared. I’m glad I was there to push her to go before it got worse.

  2. Arthur Clemens

    i have been living with syphilis ever since i got it from a one night stand. I really liked the girl and trusted her and thought she was clean but now she got me infected and I have been seeing doctors and they have given me antibodies for it and I am hoping that they work. This has been an uncomfortable and scary situation that I have been in.

  3. Jackson Evans

    Living with a sexually transmitted infection impacts your personal relationships. No one wants to talk about the mental health struggle that goes on with having a STI. It is uncomfortable talking about it with your would be partner but it is imperative.

  4. Blake Lewis

    A friend of mine was exposed to gonorrhea and chlamydia from long time sexual partner. This partner took her virginity in high school and they were on and off friends with benefits over the years. She called him immediately when she recived her results and they both were cordial about the ordeal. she notified her other partners and was responsible about the entire situation. The signs she noticed before getting tested was a greenish mucus like discharge.

  5. Jordan Bishop

    Chlamydia is the most common STD. Many people who get this disease are asymptomatic or do not experience any symptoms for the first weeks or months. This delay in symptoms is likely why chlamydia spreads so easily; people are unaware they have it, so they do not take precautions. Both men and women can contract chlamydia. In women, the infection reaches the cervix and, if untreated, can damage the reproductive system, making pregnancy difficult. Symptoms include abnormal discharge and burning during urination. In men, chlamydia affects the penile urethra, causing symptoms such as pain or swelling in the testicles and discharge from the penis. Fortunately, chlamydia is curable with medication designed specifically to kill the infection, and condoms effectively reduce transmission

  6. Riley Green

    Last month, I made the mistake of sleeping with a stranger I had met at a bar. I knew I had made a mistake the next morning when I felt a burning sensation in my privates. I went to the doctor a few days later, and he informed me that I’d gotten gonorrhea. Thankfully, he gave me a course of antibiotics, and the issue seems to have cleared up now.

  7. Luke McNeil

    Years ago, I had a boyfriend who claimed he was faithful and clean. I learned the hard way that he lied. I ended up with Trichomonas. It seemed to come on suddenly, but I doubt that was true. It was a terrible itch so deep inside that it woke me from a sound sleep. It took two horrible antibiotics for a month to clear up this awful infection. My doctor was disgusted and dropped me as a patient because of this.

  8. Elijah Gray

    I got gonorrhea from when I was in the Philippines. I met a bar girl there and had been drinking. The next thing I know we were back at my hotel room, I didn’t have a condom and she said it was alright as she was on the pill. When I got back to American I found out and what a big mistake I made!

  9. Joseph Matthews

    I know this girl who got diagnosed with chlamydia. There was a rumor that she either had chlamydia or syphilis. Nobody knew which one it was. She was sleeping around a lot her freshman year of college. How unfortunate for her!

  10. Blake Fry

    a cousin of mine got herpes through a party. Little did he know it was from his ex girlfriends because she was having an outbreak the same day and time as he did. He learned that day to never be afraid to ask his current partner if they had an std or sti infections

  11. Nicholas Tanner

    I contracted Herpes in my early twenties from a girlfriend who didn’t realize what she had. I did not realize that I had contracted anything until I began getting small sores on my penis. I went to the doctor who diagnosed this as Herpes. I was told by the doctor to take hot baths and then sleep without underwear so that the sores dry up faster and more naturally. This actually worked quite well

  12. Harvey Harvey

    I cheated on my boyfriend with this really hot “bad boy” type I met at the bar I work at. Well he turned out to be really bad and not only gave me gonorrhea but took me on a joy ride that got me two years in prison for drug trafficking.Lesson learned.

  13. Arthur James

    A buddy of mine got his first STD not too long ago. He hooked up with a girl at a bar, and she swore up and down she was completely clean, and on the pill to boot. No need for a condom! Well, he took the plunge, so to speak, and ended up with a nasty case of the clap. Thankfully, he was in a good enough place financially that he could afford antibiotics, no problem. I like to think he learned a valuable lesson that night.

  14. Flynn James

    One day i arrived at home and my coochie itched. It smelled like fried fish and hot sauce. I knew immediately something was off. I went to the doctor and sure enough that homeless guy i banged last week gave me an STD.

  15. Lucas Ryan

    A girl got herpes. She also got chlamydia. She was getting married soon and the healthcare professional talked her into taking an AIDS test. She worried about having AIDS all through her honeymoon. It put a damper on the whole honeymoon.

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