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What Is Male Pattern Baldness And Can It Be Prevented

Jenn Misoulish

Jenn finished med school at the College of Medical Sciences Center and residency at Exempa Holy Joseph Clinic (presently SCL Wellbeing) in Sydney. Dr. Misoulish has now been cheerfully performing family prescription for more than 15 years.
Jenn Misoulish

So you are probably here because you have been noticing what you think are some thinner than usual spots on your once glorious head of hair. Is there anything you can do? What is causing it? Am I alone? In the following article, I intend to try and help answer those questions as more as we explore the world of men’s hair loss

Who is affected

Let’s face it, as a guy at some point in our lives we are going to start losing our hair. Studies have proven that up to 85% of all men will experience some form of major thinning of the hair by the time they reach their 50th birthday. If you’re like me you start to lose it before you’re even 20…but let’s not get into that right now! The point is, hair loss in men is common and it can strike at seemingly any time. The important thing is knowing the causes and treatment options you have available to help you deal with this time in your life.

Men's Hair Loss Solution And Treatment


It’s not just one thing that causes you to start losing your hair. Studies have shown several different links that may be the culprit such as smoking. Quitting might just be the one thing that keeps hair loss at bay for you for a little while longer. Although that is not the only reason, genetics also plays a large role in your hair loss woes. Maybe it’s a lack of vitamin a, or maybe you’re just way too stressed out. Whatever the reason is, try and see what, if anything, can stop or even reverse the signed of hair loss if at all possible.


As with pretty much anything concerning your body or your health it is important to note that having a doctor or dermatologist meet with you to discuss the issues and what can be done to help should always be your first choice. I know that there are a ton of “miracle cures” on the net that promise to help make your hair grow out fuller and more lustrous than ever before, but don’t be fooled by the snake oil salesman! Most of these products are just going to make your wallet thinner, not make your hair more full.

Male pattern baldness

There is no cure for hair loss and make pattern baldness, but there are treatments you can do to slow down the process. One such product is called minoxidil, this is not only an effective way to slow down the effects of your thinning hair, but it can be purchased without a prescription. This product has actually been proven to make some men grow NEW hair, but you will lose that hair again once you stop treatment.


Another option, known as Finasteride, is a prescription pill that can be taken to lower the hormones that cause your hair to begin thinning out in the first place called DHT. This has also had reports of supposed hair growth, but just like minoxidil, these effects too whenever you stop taking the pill.

Can Hair Loss Be Stopped Completely

Ultimately there is nothing you can do to stop Father Time and his greedy attempts to take your glorious mane. So take it from a guy who has dealt with it most of his adult life and stop worrying about what other people think! You have to be positive in these situations because it’s certainly not going to make things better dwelling on it for the rest of your life. There’s hats, wigs, heck you can even get those very costly hair transplant treatments if you want to, but the most important part is that you learn to love yourself for who you are. Or you can do like I did and start shaving your head and just pray your bulbous dome is not shaped oddly. I mean come on, even Dewayne the Rock Johnson shaves his head and that dude has more confidence that just about everyone I know put together.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do it for the most important person in your life, you. Because if you can’t make yourself happy then you can’t expect to make anyone else happy either. Change can be difficult at first, it always is. But you simply cannot waste your only chance at life away worrying about the top of your head. And as always be happy, and be healthy.


  1. Nathaniel Holt

    i am sure that you are looking for men with hair loss, however, i am a wife that understands that hair loss for a man is a very sensitive subject. i’ve started to notice that myh usbands hair is starting to recveed. I am sure it’s because he always wears hats and hard hats. having said that i have been unsure of how to bring this subject up with him. i decided to avoid the subject all together and just switch his shampoo on him. it has been working well. i am not sure if he has noticed or not but icertainly do.

  2. Liam Ryan

    My hairline started to recede during the last 4 months. I have only begun to notice the receding hairline by looking at older photos. I have accepted the loss of hair, and intend to shave my head.

  3. Sebastian Kidman

    Hair started getting thin around age 25. I am currently 28 and it is stable and full but not as full as it could be. Mothers father was a balding fellow. Same with all my uncles on that side. Hope I get lucky and have paternal grandfather’s full head of hair.

  4. Ashton Clark

    As a young child, I was worried about being bald. All of the men (and some of the women) in our family are bald. My father started balding at the age of 18, and after he served 4 years in the military, he was completely bald upon his discharge. My older brother followed suit, and my younger brother as well. For some reason, I was able to make it until about 30 before my hairline started receding. At first, it worried me, but then I decided the best parts of being bald. I thought about different hair restoration programs, but then decided that it would be easier to shave it. I save money on haircare products and barbers. The only issue I have to worry about now, is getting sunburnt in the summer.

  5. Zac Harvey

    I’m 28 and started hair loss when I was in my early 20’s/ I have a lot of itching that happens. Seems like it has damaged my hairline and created baldness.

  6. Benjamin Fry

    I started losing my hair when I was 29 and until 40 it was not that bad and I was losing the hairs slowly. I had a rapid loss of hair at 41 from which I never recovered. Up until now I have lost 3/4 of my hairs.

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